Graduate Games Programmer – Studio Gobo

Currently working on an unannounced title.


Software Engineer Intern – Studio Gobo

I spent 3 months doing gameplay programming (C++) and design on For Honor, a AAA multiplayer fighting game. I was on a small team prototyping new game modes, and worked closely with programmers and designers. I added features and tools to support rapid iteration on ideas in response to playtest feedback. I also worked briefly on some animation research and development using Unreal Engine, mostly optimizing and refactoring.



I’ve independently designed and programmed several small games in Lua using LÖVE, a 2D game engine. Some of these have been featured on sites including PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Kotaku. Sagittarius has also been exhibited at Now Play This, London 2015 and at Bit Bash, Chicago 2018.

I’ve participated in a number of game jams, and won the Cambridge Game Gig 2016.

You can find all my released games here.


Part II dissertation

I developed and implemented (C++) a faster search method for motion matching, a new character animation technique. By treating the problem as a nearest neighbor search of a metric space, and using a vantage point tree, I was able to achieve a 10x speedup over a pre-existing optimized linear search.


Part IB group project

Using a Java game engine we built an application for designing a 3D creature which would learn to walk using a neural network. Our project was the prize winner for best technical achievement. I gave part of our final presentation, which you can watch here.